Available Cats


Allison is quiet and a bit shy. She displays playful kitten antics. Allison likes to climb up high to survey her domain. She is loving and likes to groom other cats. She has a dog friend in her foster home and can be found curled up next to him as they sleep.


Annabelle is a lovely muted tabby. She is a quiet lady that will spend time with you when you want but is happy to be by herself also. Annabelle had an injury to her front right ankle that healed improperly before she came to Loving Arms. Her ankle is at a slight angle and does not bend. We explored possibilities of corrective surgery, but there was no guarantee that the surgery wouldn't do more damage. Annabelle has adapted to her ankle and does not appear in discomfort. She is as mobile as any other cat. As they say - if it isn't broke, don't fix it.


Apollo is a sweet boy who likes to cuddle and relax with his person. He is very active and energetic with toys and other cats. He follows his foster all over the house and always wants to be near her. He is bonded with his twin Aries.


April is a dainty girl who loves to talk. She is curious about everything going on around her and likes to be included in whatever her foster is doing. April loves to climb on high cabinets, hide in boxes and explore all over her domain. April enjoys the company of people, other cats and dogs.


Aries likes to investigate and was the first to explore and enjoy a new bed. The others followed his lead. Aries is cuddly and very social. He is very active and energetic with toys and other cats. He follows his foster mom around the house and loves to be near her. He is bonded to his twin Apollo.


Arya is a quiet girl. She is extremely playful and full of kitten energy, but is very sweet and loves to be held and cuddled. She is a little shy and might take a while to warm up, but when she does, you won't find a sweeter kitten.


Audrey is a dainty little girl who loves to snuggle in your arms or on your lap. She is funny, playful and active. She enjoys playing with other cats and toys.


Don't let that innocent look fool you. My foster mom calls my Wild Bill because I'm the first to try new stuff, the first to greet my foster mom when she comes home and I'm always ready to play. But, when I'm through being Wild Bill, I'm ready to be your little teddy bear and just snuggle with you.


Blossom is a beautiful Siamese mix who is cautious at first, but quickly warms up to whoever will cuddle her. She likes playing with other cats and toys. Blossom is accustomed to dogs.


Bradley is a sweet grey tabby who is hardy, healthy and loves to play and chase other cats and toys. Bradley likes to talk if he's in the mood for a cuddle. He will entice you over to where he is, let you pet him, then flip on his back so you can give him good tummy rubs. He sleeps on the bed at night and likes to climb the cat trees.